Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen: A Guide

Hello everyone! In response to the interest I’ve seen in my previous post, Otome Games: Untranslated Edition, I’ve decided to post a full guide for Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen. I’ve included easy to follow flowcharts for every ending in the game, useful vocabulary, and small, spoiler-free snippets about the setting and characters.

If you’re interested in testing out your Japanese against a very original and interesting Otome game, I strongly suggest beginning your journey here!

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Table of Contents

  1. Setting
  2. Non-Romanceable Characters
    1. Fujieda Neri
    2. Queen
    3. Souichirou Kaburagi
    4. Takasaki Edward
    5. Yagisawa Moeka
  3. Romanceable Characters
    1. Igarashi Haru
    2. Kaji Ichiha
    3. Nanase Toya
    4. Takamine Riku
    5. Saginomiya Rei
  4. Vocabulary
  5. References / Buy It


Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen takes place in “modern” times, but in alternate-reality version of the world in which the class system has been reintroduced to varying degrees. Like many dystopian stories, these classes are separated by districts that indicate wealth, with the rich safely separated from the world in the upper districts, and the poor scraping by in the lower districts.

Fujieda Neri is the heroine of this story – a young girl living in the 10th district with her father. Despite living in one of the poorer districts, Neri lives quite a normal, happy, and fulfilling life. She has attends school and has a number of friends, and seems quite content with her situation, despite a number of strange circumstances. According to Neri’s reminiscing, she and her father moved quite abruptly and for unknown reasons, but she doesn’t have much memory of who or where she was before coming to the 10th district.

Following a number of strange circumstances that occur in the prologue, Neri is eventually shipped off to a famously exclusive school located on a private island and home to the wealthiest children in the world. These are the heirs of the elites and future geniuses, and their island-bound school is like a entirely separate universe.


At this school, Neri comes face-to-face with a class system that, while existing in the real world, is taken to an extreme on the island. All students are separated into three categories: Roses, Honeybees, and Stones. The Roses are, of course, the best of the best. The Honeybees are essentially average (amidst the school’s population, anyway), and the Stones are the lowest.


This separation is aparent everywhere in the school. Seating arrangements, priveleges, shops, food, and everything else is separated by your class, and the higher your class, the more power you get over those ranking lower than yourself. That means that the Stones are essentially slaves, and are required to the bidding of other students or face extreme punishment. On the other hand, Roses are pampered and revered like gods.

Neri starts the game as a Honeybee, and her choices throughout the game will decide whether or not she rises to the rank of Rose or falls to the rank of Stone, including all range of moral dilemnas that come with an essentially master-slave system.

Non-Romanceable Characters

The following is a list of characters that aren’t romancable, but are nonetheless important to the story and frequently appear throughout its course. I’ve included the Japanese names for reference.

Fujieda Neri

藤枝 ネリ


Fujieda Neri is a reasonable and generally cheerful teenager with no particularly remarkable qualities. She appears to be a very normal person, and her personality develops more and more as you make choices that push her down a chosen path.

She has few memories of her childhood, but she seems to be connected to something important in her father’s mysterious past.




The “ruler” of the school. Queen is a mysterious young woman who never reveals her face. Her words are absolute law, and the entire school seems to have been built specifically as her playground. She is an enigmatic figure who rarely appears but always leaves a strong impression when she does. There are quite a few rumors about her, but no one knows who she really is, nor why she runs the school, and everyone (or mostly everyone) is careful to show her the utmost respect at all times.

Souichirou Kaburagi

蒼一郎 鏑木


The official owner and headmaster of the school, Kaburagi is an extremely handsome but aging bachelor. He is unbelievably rich and a very well-respected figure. He allows Queen to rule the school and generally doesn’t intervene with anything that goes on there, though he does show quite a bit of interest in Neri’s arrival. He is apparently an old friend of her father’s, and sponsors her as a favor to him.

Takasaki Edward

高崎    エドワード


Edward is the school counselor – young, handsome, light-hearted, and extremely popular amongst the school’s female population. He seems to have some kind of relationship with Kaburagi in the past, and also seems to recognize Neri in some fashion upon meeting her.

Yagisawa Moeka

八木沢 萌花


Cheerful and friendly, Moeka and Neri quickly become friends, as Moeka is tasked with the job of introducing her around school. Despite their fast friendship, there are quite a few differences between the two students – Moeka is a Honeybee as well, but she is clearly from a very rich family, and is quite accustom to the extreme class system used at the school. She is a stickler for rules, and she hates the Stones and dreams of one day becoming a Rose.

Romanceable Characters


The following is a list of romanceable characters, including a flowchart guide of how to obtain all of their endings. This guide is completely in Japanese, and reflects the choices that must be made while playing the game.

Igarashi Haru

五十嵐   ハル


Igarashi Haru is a Stone – the lowest cast of the school. He’s quiet and gruff, but is an amazing artist and definitely has a shy and friendly side. He is frequently bullied, but doesn’t generally seem all that bothered about it. He tends to ignore those that pester him and does his best to keep to himself, with varying levels of success. He doesn’t appear to have any desire to rise in rank, and seems content to sketch the day away. Despite this, for the few friends he does have, he is extremely loyal.


Kaji Ichiha

加地 壱波


Kaji Ichiha is a famous lady-killer. He has a sauve, playful personality and is constantly surrounded by a mob of women vying for his attention. He’s a Honeybee, though he would one day like to be a Rose, and he immediately takes an interest in Neri upon her arrival.


Nanase Toya

七瀬   十矢


Nanase Toya was once a Rose, but has since dropped to the status of Stone. He’s a leader of the cheekily named “Resistance” – a group of students who disagree with the class system and stand against the Queen. He’s brash and has a strong sense of justice and the determination to fight for his beliefs.


Takamine Riku

鷹嶺 陸


The “Red Rose” – the left-hand man to the Queen and one of the highest ranking Rose students in the entire school. Riku is arrogant, loud-mouthed, and quick to anger. His pride causes him to look down on everyone around him, and he speaks harshly of those he believes are below him (which is almost everyone).


Saginomiya Rei

鷺ノ宮   レイ


The “White Rose” – the right-hand man to the Queen and the highest ranking Rose student in the school. Unlike Riku, Rei is composed, soft-spoken and gentle in nature. He is firm about his beliefs, but he expresses them far more calmly than Riku. He is described as being the most handsome of every student, and is generally revered.



Following is a (short) list of useful vocabulary – phrases that you might be unfamiliar with that will appear quite often throughout the course of the game. It’s a good idea to learn to recognize them!

薔薇 – The Rose rank

ミツバチ – The Honeybee rank

石ころ – The Stone Rank

階級 – Caste

階級制度 – Caste System

– Dormitory

白薔薇様 – The White Rose; the title used for Rei

赤薔薇様 – The Red Rose; the title used for Riku

References / Buy It:

Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen is available for PC and PS Vita

Official Site

絶対階級学園 xxchoroxx

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