Atelier Sophie: Recipe Guide

This is a complete, spoiler-free guide for all of the recipes within Atelier Sophie. I’ve attempted to make this as clean and organized as possible, and included tips on locations and ingredients that are necessary to unlock certain recipes. I hope this helps! If I’ve missed or mistaken anything, please feel free to leave a comment – and I’d love to hear from you regardless.

Table of Contents

  1. Beginner Recipes
  2. Growth Recipes
  3. Hope Recipes
  4. Dream Recipes
  5. Mystery Recipes

Beginner Recipes

Beginner Recipes
  1. Berg Medicine: Auto Obtain (Event).
  2. SoteaGather Well Water.
  3. Uni Bag: Gather Uni.
  4. Simple Sweets: Gather Ramel Wheat (Merbert Farm).
  5. Bomb: Complete “Slay Monsters” quest.
  6. Ramel Flour: Investigate South Wheat field (Merbert Farm).
  7. Zettle: Investigate bookshelf in the book store.
  8. Red Neutralizer: Gather Red Uni (Chick Farm at Night).
  9. Ingot: Complete “Farm Beast” quest.
  10. Apcol: Obtain Whimsy Strawberry.
  11. Honey: Gather Beehive.
  12. Blue Neutralizer: Investigate fountain near church.
  13. Golden Thread: Gather Silver Web.
  14. Cloth: Gather Animal Fur.
  15. Meister Mittens: Make Simple Sweets with Salty effect.
  16. Ice Bomb: Perform lots of synthesis and obtain water.
  17. Bagel Sandwich: Obtain Ramel Flour.
  18. Lightning Bomb: Obtain Raiden Ore.
  19. Spruce: Gather Kifa (Gathering of Beasts).
  20. Victor’s Charm: Win a battle with low health.
  21. Mana Feather: Slay Kaiser Pidgeon.
  22. Warding Charm: Obtain Pious Charm (Pamela).
  23. Grandma’s Cauldron: Make Ice Bomb.
  24. Friendly Persona: Defeat Silent Beast (Prospector’s Strand).
  25. Puppeteer String: Auto Obtain (Event).

Growth Recipes

Growth Recipes
  1. Neutralizer G: Buy and sell 300 Cole of items.
  2. Bottled Misfortune: Lose a battle.
  3. Refuel Bottle: Investigate Forgotten Nursery Pond.
  4. Monochrome Glasses: Use Monika’s Lightedge and Braveheard skills.
  5. Alchemy Drops: Make Honey with the “Kirchen Bell Special” trait (Kirchen Milk).
  6. Craft: Make Uni Bag with Explodes effect.
  7. Practice Cauldron: Buy from Corneria.
  8. Stahl Metal: Perform lots of synthesis and use items in battle.
  9. Puni Jelly: Slay lots of different colored Puni’s.
  10. Mofcott: Make Cloth with the “Carries Heat” trait (Kaen Stone).
  11. Neutralizer Y: Jump 100 times.
  12. Gathering Gloves: Auto Obtain (Event).
  13. Deluxe Backpack: Do lots of gathering.
  14. Wonder Stimulant: Make Berg Medicine with “Size+” trait.
  15. Silvalia: Auto Obtain (Event).
  16. Fairy Guide: Gather Spruce Wood (Flickering Light).
  17. Refresh Oil: Investigate Ancient Kitchen (Forgotten Nursery).
  18. Puni Missile: Get attacked with Puni Press.
  19. Feather Ornament: Defeat Saber Claw.
  20. Alchemic Clay: Auto Obtain (Event).
  21. Imp’s Mischief: Obtain treasure from demon enemies.
  22. Crystal Ball: Talk to fortuneteller NPC (Kirchen Bell Street at night).
  23. Mineral ExtractObtain Good Water.
  24. Expert Cauldron: Obtain (Silent Bedroom; Sun Moon Mor).
  25. Spirit Needle: Auto Obtain (Event).
  26. Adal Cloth: Auto Obtain (Event).
  27. Hades Compass: Make Spirit Needle.
  28. Codex of Creation: Make friends with artisans and delivery Puppet String to Fritz.

Hope Recipes

Hope Recipes
  1. Eye of MercuryAlchemy level 25.
  2. Traveler’s Shoes: Explore lots of areas.
  3. Supreme Hot Milk: Obtain Kirchen Milk.
  4. Training Charm: Investigate the furnace at the blacksmith’s.
  5. Clear Drops: Make Alchemy Drops with the Super Sweet effect.
  6. Flame Powder: Obtain Black Orb.
  7. Pure Water: Gather Luminous Water.
  8. Angel Ribbon: Make Golden Thread with the “Purifying Water” trait (Holy Water).
  9. Ori Bomb: Make a Bomb with the Blue Flame effect.
  10. Noble Sapphire: Synthesize an accessory.
  11. Rubilum: Give gifts to get gifts in return.
  12. Plain Waffle: Make Supreme Hot Milk with the Hot effect.
  13. Natural Yeast: Make one Bagel Sandwich with the Fluffy effect.
  14. Necator of Life: Let LP drop to 0.
  15. Blitzlite: Get attacked by the Lightning skill.
  16. Stahl Ice Bomb: Use Ice Bomb.
  17. Snowflake Crystal: Obtain Silver Crystal.
  18. Hustle Belt: Investigate Drilled Scar (Scar of the Land).
  19. Hexe Auris: Auto Obtain (Event).
  20. Tune Cauldron: Obtain (Final Area; Underground Lake).
  21. Spirit Cloth: Make Puni Jelly with the Activate Division effect.
  22. Sage’s Soil: Auto Obtain (Fritz friendship event).
  23. Gunade Ring: Make Victor’s Charm.
  24. Are’s Brooch: Auto Obtain (Leon friendship event).
  25. Warding Incense: Auto Obtain (Julio friendship event).
  26. Honey Syrup: Auto Obtain (Tess friendship event).
  27. Precise Parts: Auto Obtain (Cory friendship event).
  28. Angel’s Whisper: Defeat Unliving King (Final Area; Underground Lake).

Dream Recipes

Dream Recipes
  1. Heart Pendant: Investigate the bridge at the Waterside Ruins.
  2. Flugel:  Angel’s Whisper with the Soul Awakening Tone effect.
  3. Spirit Earrings: Use lots of (Bomb) (Magical Tool) items.
  4. Geist Aizen: Investigate deepest part of Forgotten Nursery.
  5. White-Hot Headband: Win a battle in 5 turns or more.
  6. Lightning Crystal: Travel through a thunderstorm at Prospector’s Strand (night).
  7. Mind’s Eye Monocle: Hit an enemy’s weakness.
  8. Emergency Bag: Successfully flee from battle.
  9. Fairy Cauldron: Obtain (Forest of Fairies).
  10. Magician’s Flute: Talk to NPC in the bookstore.
  11. Chronicle Mark: Make Noble Sapphire with the “Ancient Seal” trait (Ancient Tablet).
  12. Piro Sotea: Make Pure Water with the “Secret of Health” trait (Zafloa Oil).
  13. Life Bangle: Consume 100 LP.
  14. Fairheit: Make Adal Cloth with the “High Class” trait. (High Price x High Price +)
  15. Sofinancier: Make Natural Yeast with the “Sunny Scent” trait (Dawn Fur).
  16. Golt Aizen: Make Ingot with the “Golden Radiance” trait (Golden Puniball).
  17. God’s Gift: Examine the angel image in the Silent Bedroom (Sun Moon Mor).
  18. Flame of Origin: Auto Obtain (Event).
  19. Fire Dragon Medicine: Obtain Dragon Bloodstone.

Mystery Recipes

Mystery Recipes
  1. Philosopher’s Stone: Alchemy level 45.
  2. Time Control Hour Glass: Examine the watchmaker’s clock.
  3. Living Cart: Make Refuel Bottle with the Auto Activate 50% effect.
  4. Dusk Drops: Defeat Yasuk and Dorak (Twin Dragons rumor).
  5. Crimson Stone: Defeat Magmasius (Fallen Palace).
  6. Mystery Elixir: Gather Dunkelheit.
  7. Ancient Cauldron: Obtain (behind final boss).
  8. Necromancer Flute: Talk to NPC in Nearby Forest (night).
  9. Heaven’s Cleanser: Defeat the Light Elemental.
  10. Flame of the End: Cancel five requests.
  11. Breezy Aroma: Examine the hill in front of your Atelier.
  12. Sealing Book: Make Codex of Creation with the Steals Lots of Life effect.
  13. Hero’s Medicine: Examine pedastal at Southern Altar (Fallen Palace).
  14. Harmonium: Gather Spirit Crystal.
  15. Velvetis: Obtain Rainbow Puni Fluid.
  16. Ambrosia Garland: Defeat the Slaying Dark Maiden.
  17. Spirit Tears: Examine the island at Small Islet.
  18. Elixir Base: Gather at Forest of Fairies and get Kimmoch to use Powder of Life skill.
  19. Element Guard: Use the Positive Release skill.
  20. Sun Drop: Event
  21. Key of Truth: Event
  22. Fertile Soil: Event
  23. Prototype Fertilizer: Event
  24. ???: DLC
  25. ???: DLC

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  1. Niklas P says:

    Hi! Great Guide. But a beginner recipe is missing (24/25) and they are out of order. Same with hope (27/28). They dont match the picture.


    1. Thanks for that! I’ll go through the list again soon to fix up any errors. Super helpful comment, and I’m glad this guide has been useful. 😊


  2. Thanks for the guide! I really appreciate it!


  3. Azalea says:

    Great guide, its really helpful. There’s a mistake in Dream recipes though, geist aizen is “discovered” by investigating the alter in the deepest part of small islet, not forgotten nursery. Also I have the DLC, so when I unlock 24 and 25 for mystery recipes I’ll let you know how.


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